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Find Comfort and Support in Your Journey of Grief

Join our community of compassionate individuals who understand the pain and challenges of losing a loved one. Together, we can navigate the healing process and find solace in shared experiences.

"Finding healing through shared stories and community support."

What is Jointly Healing?

Welcome to Jointly Healing, a supportive community for individuals and families navigating the challenging journey of grief. We understand that losing a loved one can be an overwhelming and painful experience, and our mission is to provide a safe space where you can find comfort, support, and connection with others who share similar experiences.

Who we are

Jointly Healing is a partnership agreement between McBride Corporation and Souled Solutions. We have come together with a shared mission to provide a support network for individuals and families who have lost loved ones. Our collective expertise and compassion drive us to create an environment where you can find understanding, empathy, and healing.
At Jointly Healing, we firmly believe that the healing process is enhanced through connecting with others who share similar experiences. While family and friends play an essential role, our community offers a unique perspective and support system that can complement and enrich your healing journey.

No matter where you are located, your race, gender, or economic status, we recognize the universal nature of grief and loss. Our founder, who personally experienced the loss of a beloved father, understands the enduring pain that lingers long after the loss. Through Jointly Healing, we aim to provide a platform for individuals to jointly heal together, transcending geographical boundaries and finding comfort in the commonalities of grief.

Healing Together, United in Support

Membership lies at the core of Jointly Healing, with two options available. Our FREE Membership allows you to connect with a supportive community, while our Premium Membership offers enhanced features like video chat sessions. Choose the membership that suits your needs and join us in finding comfort, understanding, and shared support.

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Safe Steps for In-Person

Jointly Healing is a support networking platform designed to connect individuals during times of grief and loss. We strive to create a safe and supportive environment for our members to communicate and share their experiences.

Thoroughly communicate and establish trust

Meet in a public place

Inform a trusted person

Conduct a background check (if available)

Bring a companion

Trust your Trust your instincts

Establish clear boundaries

Thoroughly communicate and establish trust

Note: We do not recommending physically meeting however, if you decide to meet here are some safety steps we suggest. Also, please read our full disclaimer statement.

Conferences and Workshops: Empowering Growth and Healing

Join our conferences and workshops to gain valuable insights, guidance, and support from grief experts and fellow participants. Explore a variety of topics related to grief, healing, and personal growth. Our engaging events provide a safe and nurturing space for learning, sharing experiences, and connecting with others who understand your journey. Expand your knowledge, find solace, and discover new strategies for navigating the complexities of grief. Stay tuned for upcoming conferences and workshops, and reserve your spot to embark on a transformative experience of healing and renewa

Our Condolences to You and Yours: Nurturing Healing Hearts

Note: We do not recommending physically meeting however, if you decide to meet here are some safety steps we suggest. Also, please read our full disclosure statement.

Tribute to Life

The Tribute section is a special space where we honor and celebrate the lives of your cherished loved ones. Through pictures and heartfelt descriptions, we pay tribute to those who have touched your lives and left a lasting impact. Join us in preserving their memory and sharing stories that keep their spirit alive.

Our Professionals Partners

Our professional partners are highly qualified and experienced in helping individuals cope with the emotional challenges associated with the loss of a loved one. They bring expertise, compassion, and a deep understanding of the grieving process to their work. Through their services, they aim to facilitate healing, provide solace, and empower our members to navigate their grief journey with strength and resilience.

Our Shop

Discover our curated collection of t-shirts and hoodies, a meaningful way to honor your loved one’s memory and embrace the healing process. Thoughtfully crafted with high-quality materials, each piece conveys messages of strength, love, and hope. By wearing our apparel, you join a supportive community and support our healing initiatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

To join our community, simply click on the “Sign Up” button and fill out the registration form. It’s quick and easy!

Yes, video calling is fully secured. No personal data is shared with third party services. If you have any questions or want to report a member please do so at

To submit a tribute, simply click on the “Memorials” button located in the navbar and fill out the form to share your experience

We do not recommend physically meeting however, if you decide to meet, here are some safety steps we suggest. Also, please read our full disclaimer statement.

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